Silence, Space and Ego

To listen without language is to listen without the spoken word, or even the word that is thought.
All the sound (not one sound) is listened to at the same time in profound silence.
If  the thought word returns to consciousness, then that is listened to, but also, at the same time, all the sound.
To listen in that way is peace, the threshold of enlightenment.
To listen to all of the sound at the same time is the end of the search for experience: seeking gain, position, fame, money, pleasure, sex, entertainment, music, etc.
A mind that listens without word or thought is not conditioned by any product of human thought: ideology, philosophy, metaphysics, racism, religion, etc.
That mind is in the sacred.
That mind can really have dialogue and explore into the truth.
Everything that the mind knows has become word, memory and thought.
But on perceiving all of the perceptible at the same time, the silent mind commences, the mind in peace. 
In Unitary Perception all sound is one sound.
That mind is a blessing for the individual and for society.
That mind does not start disputes or wars.
That mind explores without fearing what could be discovered.
For millennia they have taught us to have the mind occupied and they have not taught us to live with a mind that is silent and in peace.
Only that silent mind can relate and love.
An occupied mind is isolated. The mind is occupied with survival, jokes, gossip, ideologies, beliefs, information, rejections, predilections.
It is hard to understand that what sees is all there is and that the only thing that can be is what is.
The silent mind that listens to all the sound at the same time (right now!) is aware of the body in space. It incarnates.
To incarnate is to be completely (consciously) in the body, here and now, perceiving all of the perceptible at the same time.
If thought insidiously, uselessly appears again in consciousness, one has “to listen” to thought as if it were part of all the sound.
It is not necessary to ask “how does one listen” nor “who is it that listens” because these thoughts delay the act of listening and only bring in useless speculations of thought.
Do not think about listening. Listen!
Are you listening now, as you read?
In that way one can see the fear without distortion: fear of dying, fear of living, fear of losing one’s employment, fear of loneliness, etc.-
The mind that perceives all of the perceptible at the same time, in silence, is the mind in Unitary Perception. 
For that mind space is one and humanity is one. Space is only divided by thought. The same thing happens with humanity.
The mind in Unitary Perception goes beyond thought and includes it.
Psychology as we know it does not study anything more than memory, thought and the “I” or self.
The mind without Unitary Perception has created absurd divisions: black against white, protestant against catholic, Jew against Arab, one nation against another, one religion against another, one organized idea against another organization with its own idea.
When space is one (in Unitary Perception), one is one with all of humanity. Absolute time (and relative) become irrelevant in Unitary Perception. Tomorrow does not exist anywhere. Tomorrow only exists in the virtual space of thought.
Absolute time is relevant only in thought.
The mind that lives in Unitary Perception is not concentrated because it does not exclude anything perceptible from its perception (including the observer), it does not seek, it does not make an effort, it does not desire control.
If one remains constant in Unitary Perception, at some point a profound and vibrant “second silence” occurs which is contact with creation itself, that creation where a bird or a tree is made. This mental “movement” is ineffable because it is beyond memory, thought, imagination and the “I”.
If we understand that it is not the “I” that thinks but that the “I” is a product of thought, we will stop overvaluing thought and the “I”.
If you know English I recommend that you read the chapter entitled “Trilogy” from my book “The Great Leap Of Mind”.
I also recommend you to read my book “Lo Profundo de la Mente”.
You will not waste your time reading my written Work, because the most essential thing in human life (Unitary Perception) is spoken about in it.
It is also the most direct path to enlightenment.
I call “enlightenment” the mental fact that reveals the deplorable mental and spiritual state of humanity as well as the necessity to not touch that state.
The understanding that humanity is one encourages one to live in Unitary Perception constantly.
Unitary Perception in oneself is also the beginning of peace for all humanity. An enlightened person cannot transmit his enlightenment. When he speaks of enlightenment he does it so as not to ignore a very important fact of the mind. But the most important thing is Unitary Perception, because this gives significance to everything that happens in one’s life.
Unitary Perception produces molecular changes that regenerate the brain, that give sense to thought and coherence to memory. These changes rejuvenate the whole organism.
The mind without Unitary Perception is separated from creation (from the point of view of consciousness).
The mind in Unitary Perception is the only aid for other minds.
The mind in Unitary Perception does not seek to adapt to a society in rapid degeneration.
This mind is ready to abandon the unnecessary products of human thought.
There exists a supermarket of ideas music, beliefs, psychological techniques, simplistic techniques like neurolingüistics, contra-analysis, mental control etc., philosophies, metaphysics, ideologies, etc., that we could call “the supermarket of human thought”.
The various “businesses” that operate in that supermarket see themselves as obliged to ignore or reduce the significance of Unitary Perception (which means to invalidate it), because a person who really LIVES in Unitary Perception has nothing to do with that supermarket of ideas and overvalued words.
Unitary Perception does not touch the mediocre, divisive and degenerative activities into which the majority of human beings fall. 

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